Speaking about online radicalization

I will be speaking in Toronto on November 18, 2019, on a panel about “Online Radicalization: What can be done?

This is part of a monthly series of public-policy discussions called Why Should I Care. The event is free, and is held in the Madison Avenue Pub where people buy a drink, or come early (before 7pm) to order dinner and chat with progressive Torontonians. Please RSVP on Eventbrite.

How can we prevent online radicalization and stop hate from spreading?

In April of 2018, a man ploughed a van into people enjoying a lovely spring day on Yonge Street.  He was inspired by “incel” online hate groups to send a murderous message to the society that rejected him. How can society prevent online communities from encouraging hatred and violence?  What public policy and programs could prevent heinous acts by lonely, angry and desperate people?

Alana, the creator of the term “involuntary celibacy”, later abbreviated to “incel”, Melody Devries, PhD Candidate researching far right radicalization, and Greg Elmer, Professor at Ryerson University, joins us for a discussion on online radicalization and what strategies we should be looking at the reduce public safety threats.

We will be at the Madison Avenue Pub (14 Madison Avenue) on Monday November 18. Doors open at 7:00pm. Discussion starts promptly at 7:15pm. End time 9pm.

I had the pleasure of a long chat with Melody Devries, who agrees with my general orientation towards preventing violence through supporting youth as they develop social skills. This promises to be an interesting evening!


Alana is the founder of the Love Not Anger project, and the creator of the original "involuntary celibacy" support website in 1997. This post expresses her own views; she is not a mental-health professional or dating expert.
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