This page is for lonely single people looking for support. We also have suggestions if you are concerned about a single person in your life.

You don’t need to be alone forever. On our companion website you will find support information, including:

Connect2Hope is written for adults with little or no dating experience, of all genders and orientations. Much of the information is also relevant if you are:

  • A youth (teenager) struggling to start dating
  • An adult with some dating experience, but single for a long time
  • Staying in an unhappy marriage, worried you will never find another mate

Mental health support

If you are feeling desperate or suicidal, please contact a crisis centre on this US, Canada & international list or this international list for telephone or online chat.

Love Not Anger is not a counselling service, so we cannot answer your personal support requests privately. We apologize for not offering the extensive services that are needed, but we encourage you to speak to a mental health professional or other optimistic and supportive people. Consider starting your own local support group or a moderated online support forum.

We discourage you from joining the incel forums that foster disrespect for women, hatred and violence. There are however many more friendly peer support forums about related issues at PsychCentral, SupportGroups and other sites.

More resources on Twitter

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